You can order VOICE OF A GENERATION number 4 (the first three issue are still avialalbe, too) if you like. We have also a VOICE OF A GENERATION poster for sale as well. Just go to the Crucial Response store and place an order by clicking here.

The wait is over: The fourth issue of VOICE OF A GENERATION is out now. This time there are interviews with BLOOD RED, and INSTED. Again tons of photos of bands like Artificial Peace, Minor Threat, Government Issue, Bad Brains, Youth Brigade (DC), Faith, Dag Nasty (with Shawn Brown), Lärm, Indigesti, Pandemonium, Heresy, B.G.K., Shipwrecked, Insurance Risk. WHAT'S IN THE MARTRIX – is a story about vinyl etching; the hidden messages and little jokes carved into the matrix. And again there are record reviews to round up this issue. BLOOD RED's amazing old five song demo which was recorded at Midas Studios comes on 7" for this issue. Take a listen to The Calling by clicking here

The third issue is still available. It includes an interview with Rob, the singer of the defunct band ABUSIVE ACTION and a piece about JAY ADAMS, the legendary Dogtown Skater. Arne Haabeth wrote about the Bold Show he attended in Amsterdam and his impression about Hardcore and its generation in general. You'll find book- and record-reviews, as usual and tons of photos of: Marginal Man, Deathwish, Jerry's Kids, Siege, Bad Brains, COC, AOF, ManLiftingBanner, Know Your Enemy, Mainstrike, Pandemonium and Cro-Mags. 20 pages plus the remastered ABUSIVE ACTION demo on 7". Take a listen to Heatseeker by clicking here

VOICE OF A GENERATION No. 2 is still available! This issue is a step further and dives even more than the previous issue into the great past. It has a long and inspiring interview with PETER AMDAM of Onward and Sportswear – 14 pages on it´s own. In addition to this we have two columns "Always Try" and "Once Upon A Time". Of course we have tons of great photos in between: Embrace, Black Flag, SSD, Circle Jerks, Pressure Release, Bold, Gorilla Biscuits, Project X, Cro-Mags, Birds Of A Feather, Mainstrike, So Much Hate, Svart Framtid, Kafka Process ... The entire SPORTSWEAR demo was re-mastered and comes as a supplement for No. 2. Take a listen to To Be Sincere by clicking here.

The first issue of VOICE OF A GENERATION is still available. It sums up what hardcore has meant, still means, and will mean – subjetively. This first issue contains interviews with Birds of A Feather and The Defense, columns, quotes, plus a tonne of smashing pictures: Bl'ast, Youth Of Today, Bold, Chain Of Strength, Hard Stance, Onward, Sportswear, Cro-Mags, Insted, Uniform Choice, No For An Answer, Project X and Wide Awake. And of course – the BIRDS OF A FEATHER 7 inch. Take a listen to Our Aim by clicking here.