Where can I buy Voice Of A Generation Fanzine?
You can order the zine through Crucial Response by clicking here.
Why did you give up the idea of donating for an issue?
Because somehow – and beyond us – people never understood the idea of donating. We will sell the zine with 7" for 7,90 Euro from now on.
Can I send promos for reviews?
Yes, you can. But we can't garantee a review since we are fairly selective and only have 2 pages available for reviews.
Can I send demos for a possible release?
Sure, you can do. Please send if possible a demo cassette (preferred) or a CD demo. Make sure you include artwork and a lyric sheet. Don't send any fuckin’ myspace links!
Can I advertise in Voice Of A Generation?
Sure, just get in contact with us and we will send you the ad rates.
Do you plan to put out a compilation record?

Not for now, issue number 4 with the Blood Red demo as a 7" supplement came out a while ago. It's not sure when we do another issue. Stay tuned and keep the EDGE!